Founder and President

Tim Guinan

Tim is a Certified Personal Trainer through NSPA-National Strength Professionals Association, Spartan SGX L-1 Certified Trainer, and a former competitive bodybuilder. Tim has earned a Second Degree Black Belt in Okinawan Kempo Martial Arts. He has been in the Personal Training  business since 2009.  In 2012, Tim was introduced to the world of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) aka “mud runs”.  He applied his past knowledge and skill set of coaching and training to this exciting venture. Tim trains, runs and gets muddy with the best, strives to raise the bar and share the thrill with others. Tim has successfully competed in the last three OCR World Championships, and recently qualified for his fourth consecutive appearance! Obstacle course training, along with participating in Battlefrog, Spartan, GoRucks and many other OCR competitions are awesome, life changing events.  Tim enjoys doing anything that tests himself both physically and mentally!

The pure joy of what is gained from Obstacle Course training led to creating the not for profit entity known as OCR Unleashed, Inc.  Tim is the Executive Director and Head Coach of this exciting adventure.  He loves giving back and enhancing lives through the physical and mental training, building confidence and bodies no matter what the challenge!


Obstacle Course Coach

Strength training

Body Shape Transformation/weight reduction

Nutritional Consultant

Life Coach

Successful Competitor in NPC and OBC Body Building  Competitions

Team Sports training

Guest Speaker:

Health expo for US Department of Health and Human Services-Indian Health Service

Health expo for Consumer Product Safety Commission


Certified Personal Trainer with NSPA (National Strength Professional Association)

CPR/AED certified with American Heart Association

Second Degree Black Belt Okinawan Kempo Karate

Instructor for W.I.T.S. “College Accredited Trainer Course” at Montgomery College

Director and Head Coach

Rick Williams

Rick grew up locally in Oxon Hill, MD, but has lived from coast to coast.  He graduated from the Naval Academy, and spent a 21 year career flying for the Navy.  Several years ago, he crossed paths with the founder of OCR-Unleashed while getting introduced to Obstacle Course Racing.  After the experiences and passion for OCR and those that participate set in, he followed Tim’s tutelage and took over as the Director and Head coach of OCR-U.  Today, he keeps the lights on and the training going at OCR-U while Tim expands the training for our teams at his indoor facility, OCR Otherworld.

Rick has a passion for teaching; gets great satisfaction out of watching new athletes try and succeed at the challenges they never thought they would set for themselves.

Rick is a certified ASFA Group Fitness/Boot Camp instructor, and is trained in working with Adaptive Athletes.


Steve Monsour

Steve grew up on Camp Springs, MD and attended the Naval Academy Prior to a 20 year career in the Marine Corp.  He has participated in Tri-athalons throughout his time in the military, and the Marine Corp also introduced him to Obstacle Courses.  Although he enjoyed these, it wasn’t until he was introduced to Spartan Races and OCRU that he found a way to train and race on a regular basis.  His focus is on learning new obstacle techniques, sharing them with others, and making this a positive experience for athletes of any age or ability level.

Steve has great skills and patience to match.  His attention to detail, and the ability to personalize techniques for each individuals strength and ability make him stand out as one of the better coaches around!

Steve is a certified ASFA Group Fitness/Boot Camp Instructor.


Katherine “KoKo” Gupman


Elizabeth Soong Nicholson

Elizabeth rolled in on OCR Unleashed in early 2017.  She did her first Spartan Race in 2017 and has been hooked since that first race! Over the years OCR unleashed has helped me improve a lot of my obstacle skills and I am happy to help others do the same.  Elizabeth is one of our newest coaches and can teach you the best new methods and help you over come those physical and mental obstacles!


Bart Friedman

Bart Came to us in 2018 and ran his first race a month later. Bart credits his transformation from couch potato to OCR Athlete and coach, to the community at OCR Unleashed. Bart is an ASFA Certified Group Fitness and Bootcamp Instructor that wants to make sure you have the skills to complete your race safely and have fun doing it.

Guest Coach

Alexandra Salomon

I got into OCR in 2019 with my first Spartan Sprint race in June. I had always thought it would be nearly impossible for me to do one of these races at my age, and on my own. It turned out, I embraced the challenges, am always getting a bit better, and they are a ton of fun! In 2019, I completed 6 Spartan races, earned my first trifecta and finished 2nd in age group in my first Spartan trail run. I also absolutely love the Bonefrog Challenge races, and have enjoyed a few Savage Races as well.
My goal was for 2020 is to earn a double trifecta with Spartan and a Trident with Bonefrog but obviously that got put on hold. In 2021, I’m thrilled to say my ambitious goals got back on track and I earned my first Bonefrog Trident and 6 Spartan Trifectas!


Tali Champney

Tali grew up in Great Falls, VA, just 5 minutes down the road from OCR Unleashed. She was first introduced to OCR races while attending a club fair at Emory University in 2017. She was hooked from the first race and later became Vice President and then President of the college’s Obstacle Course Racing Club. After graduating she found OCR Unleashed, where she went frequently to train for future races and eventually became a coach. She is happy to share some tips and tricks she’s learned from the 40+ races she’s completed, and is always eager to learn from others as well.