Tricia Waller

Tricia grew up in Massachusetts playing multiple sports and figure skating competitively.  She found her true love, hockey, after college and she currently plays defense for two local beer league teams. 

Hockey led Tricia to obstacle course racing and OCR Unleashed.  After deciding to do a Tough Mudder with teammates, Tricia came to train at OCRU.  She became hooked on OCRs after that one race and found her happy place at OCRU.  She loves being a part of the incredible support and comradery that accompanies the practical training that OCRU offers.  OCRU holds a special place in her heart.

Tricia qualified for the 2018 and 2019 North American OCR Championships.   She has recently stepped into the world of ultras, and is motivated by the challenge of endurance events and working to push past physical and mental limits. 

Tricia also found GORUCK through OCRU and enjoys rucking and GORUCK events. She has participated in Lites, Toughs and finished two Star 50 courses.  A Heavy is in the near future!

Tricia loves sharing what she has learned and encouraging people to believe in themselves.

Tricia is a certified ASFA Group Fitness/Boot Camp Instructor.